About Birth Facts

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Last Updated on May 12, 2024 by Birth Facts

Birth Facts was created by an independent researcher with a background in empirical scientific and social scientific research. I would prefer to be anonymous but I have a PhD from a top 5 world university. I made this website in my spare time and have received no payment for doing so.

Where possible, the information in this website is based on analyses by official institutions such as the UK National Institute of Clinical Excellence, the Royal College of Gynaecologists, and the American College of Gynecologists. Where there are gaps in these analyses, I use systematic reviews, meta-analyses and large high-quality single studies.

The estimates in this website were reviewed by academics working in maternal and infant health.

This website will be updated following the release of new guidance on the risks of different modes of delivery by the UK National Institute of Clinical Excellence. The Institute’s guidance was last updated in January 2024. I will also update the page if any new evidence emerges or if I received feedback that anything on the page is not accurate.

If you notice any mistakes or have any feedback please email [email protected]